The downtown area has been designated as a historic district by the State and National Registry.  You can read additional history and information about Adams and surrounding areas by visiting Our History page.

"Arbor Day is not like other holidays. Each of those reposes on the past, while Arbor Day proposes for the future."

- Julius Sterling Morton
founder of Arbor Day, born on
April 22, 1832 in the town of Adams

The Village owns and operates our own water and wastewater treatment plants.  Water is delivered to customers inside and outside the village and we also contract with the Adams Center Water District owned by the Town of Adams for their customer's consumption of water. 

We provide services through part-time police protection and a satellite office for the New York State Troopers is provided by the Village in our old municipal building.

The Village fire department has a roster of 60 volunteer members who actively provide protection to our residents and to the surrounding areas with mutual aid.

There are several different zoning districts which include residential, general commercial, industrial and a wellhead protection overlay.

Adams Revitalization Committee


The Adams Revitalization Committee is made of residents who live in both the Village and Town of Adams.  Meetings are the first Monday of every month. 


Mission statement for the Adams Revitalization Committee


   To involve area residents and business people for the purpose of:


     1.  Improving downtown and surrounding areas and to make Adams and Adams Center more

          attractive and appealing for business, etc.


     2.  Supporting and encouraging business and the local economy


     3.  Providing good quality of life


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