Fee Schedule



Tax Search                                $15.00

Insufficient Funds                    $25.00

Copies                                       .25¢ per page

Water Shut Off Fee                    $25.00

Water Turn On Fee                    $25.00

Sewer Connection                    Hourly Rate

Water Service                            Hourly Rate


Peddlers Permit                        $50.00 Annual/$5.00 a day

Sidewalk/Driveway Permit       $10


Zoning Permit - $25.00

Demolition fee $25.00 per structure.


Site Plan Review                        $125.00 plus publication cost

Variance Permit                         $125.00 plus publication cost

Special use Permits                    $125.00 plus publication cost


Residential Subdivision Review

Planning Board Application Fees

Sketch Plan                                $25.00

Preliminary /Final                      $300.00 (fee could increase depending on # of lots)


Commercial/Industrial - Subdivision Review

Planning Board Application Fees

Sketch Plan                                $50.00

Preliminary /Final                      $300.00 + .01¢ per s.f.


Other Review Fees

Outside professional engineering, planning and/or legal services may be contracted to assist the Village in its review of an application. The project applicant shall be responsible for reimbursement of all fees relative to the application submitted.                         



Penalty for lack of permit or required permits $75.00


Approved Board meeting February 15, 2010