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The Village would like to remind residents of the leash law for dogs. No dogs are allowed to run at large within village limits. See local law #28 under local laws on this website for full details. Also it is against the law to allow your dog to urinate, defecate or to commit any other nuisance in any park, in any public building, in any store, parking lot, or upon any public sidewalk, or on private property.Please pick up after your dog while walking within the Village limits or tickets may be issued from complaints.

The Village of Adams now has 10 Pet Waste stations.

The Village of Adams has Board Meetings at 7:00 p.m. every month. To join via zoom use
July 18th- ID: 813 9892 8329 PW: 648466
August 15th- ID: 829 0577 1040 PW: 304868
September 19th- ID: 870 6372 2953 ID: 302066  
TOWN OFFICE 315-232-2467 EXT 5

No Parking on Village Streets 2am - 6am

There is no parking on all village streets between the hours of 2am - 6am all year round. This will be strictly enforced all year!  Violators will be issued tickets. 


It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and repair the sidewalk in front of your property. Please contact the DPW Superintendent for the sidewalk specifications and to enroll in the program shared with the Village to be added to our list for replacing of your sidewalk. Phone # (315) 232-4520. You must also keep your sidewalk cleared of snow and ice.


The Village of Adams requires all person/persons performing volunteer service for the Village of Adams to complete and file a General Release Volunteer Agreement with the Village Clerk's Office. This agreement has no expiration date and therefore is only required to be filed once. Please call the village office at 232-2632 to receive this form

Village Justice will be dissolved by December 1, 2021


2021 Water Quality Report 

Estoppel notice

Police Reform Policy 

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